The Path from Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide

Parents, help your student get a great career start!

Dr. Bill Holland, award winning college professor, business executive, and author, wants to show you how to help your child:

  • Get “Job Ready” while in college
  • Land a professional job after graduation
  • Keep a job and launch a career
  • And more!

Watch and listen as Dr. Holland dispels common myths regarding a parent’s involvement in their student’s college and career path, then head to the blog for more insight, wisdom and action steps you can take:

Looking for a career re-start yourself? Check out Bill’s advice for the over-50 crowd.

“Bill has a particularly sophisticated understanding of what is happening in the job market and what to do about it.”
- Barbara Ehrenreich, Nationally acclaimed author, Bait and Switch and Nickeled and Dimed

“Holland’s workshop was excellent. I would strongly recommend it to other students. Very insightful. I learned a lot.”
- Student reaction to workshop “Landing that first job after college

“He made me laugh and allayed my fears about how my daughter’s major would be received in the job market.”
- Audience feedback from a keynote address