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About R. William (Bill) Holland


R. William (Bill) Holland, PhD

Bringing exciting thought leadership to career management.

A 360 Degree perspective

As an award winning college professor, author and business executive, I bring a more complete perspective to issues of career management. I have held significant senior level line and staff positions including executive vice president for Right Management, Chief Human Resources Officer for the University of Pennsylvania and the Business Process Outsourcing division of Andersen Consulting.

My most recent books on career management include Are There Any Good Jobs Left? (Praeger, 2006) and Cracking the New Job Market (Amacom, 2011).  A third book, The Path From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Gude is planned to release in late Spring 2014.

I attended Michigan State University on a football scholarship and later received the University’s first Excellence-in-Teaching citation.

Those experiences and more provide unique insight to issues of career management in the new job market.  I now work with parents and students worldwide to helping each find the path to career survival and prosperity.

Many colleges and universities miss the boat

Take a look at the list of “to do” items suggested for college freshmen.  It is a composite from several universities.  Is anything missing?

  1. Student Enrollment Deposit
  2. Email Address Application
  3. Student Housing and Meal Plan Deposit
  4. Financial Aid CertificationiStock_000014751682XSmall
  5. Student ID
  6. Class Enrollment Disability Services Request
  7. What to Bring
  8. Student Organizations
  9. Make a Budget
  10. Review Orientation Guide Health Insurance
  11. Orientation Registration
  12. High School Transcript Submission
  13. Emergency Contacts
  14. Jobs on Campus
  15. Campus Safety
  16. On-Campus Banking
  17. Driving and Parking on Campus
  18. Placement Testing and Placement
  19. Tuition Payment Due
  20. Academic Interest Form

iStock_000004355624XSmallWhat’s missing?

There is no mention of the need to understand and discuss why you are attending college.  Over 85% of college freshmen report attending college for vocational reasons—i.e., to get a good job.  You will likely not be able to take any classes on how to do that.  It is not something colleges and universities do well.  Many choose not to address the issue at all.

My programs start with that discussion and develop a path forward.  It’ one of the reasons the programs have been so successful.


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